I was the victim of an anti-semetic hate crime. I was minding my own business with my best friend (not jewish) working on his dads yard and these neighbors came over and accused me of stealing some things when we were never there before. Called me a loving Jew and told my best friend to “stay out of this Jew lover or you will get what’s coming to you to” He saw me got Hit, and my buddy pulled one off him, and punched out all 3. I was knocked out and ganged up for nothing beating me up, one holding my friend back (or tried to but he was bigger than all 3) ask yourselves what did I do wrong by working on the yard doing a nice deed helping out a friends dad. I have a broken nose still and walk with a limp since that attack 3 weeks ago. Still waiting for surgery. My best friend has a jaw line fracture and got 2 teeth knocked out saving me. He will have to get surgery and get his jaw wired shut. Ask yourselves what is the point of Anti-Semitism?
On 21 August, I made a complaint to the BBC, after having heard in the background a programme running after Horizon called ‘Some Scousers With Jokes.’ I received a response to my complaint today, and the programme is no longer available on iplayer to be able to copy out what was said, so I can’t be forensically accurate. My recall is the gist was a joke about a Jewish Girl during the second world war begging for safety, and in return the man asked for sex from her, and the punchline something about whether to tell her the war was now over. I complained that it was in poor taste and unhelpful to make holocaust related jokes. I remember the fear of my family in the stories they told me of their escapes and horrible experiences of loss and undignified treatment. I am somewhat perturbed by the BBC response. I expected a simple apology, and would then have thought nothing of the event. Instead, they replied that since the holocaust was never mentioned it was not a holocaust related joke.

“Wake up Australia,” reads the flyer. “Jews have been kicked out of countries 109 times through history. … Could it be that having them in a European country is harmful to the host?”

The flyer included an invitation to join Squadron 88, a local white supremacist group, and included a reference to Stormfront.org, a neo-Nazi website.

What has horrified me over the past few days is the public reaction to the Sydney bus incident that you may have read about [in which a gang of young men boarded a Jewish school bus, threatening to slit the children’s throats and shouting other racial abuse].

People appear to be evenly split between ‘that is unacceptable racism that no child should have to face’ and some combination of ‘children in Gaza go through worse so they kind of deserve it’, ‘they staged it for sympathy’ and ‘they brought it on themselves with their isolation and high fences and armed guards’. It’s quite shocking that in a country like Australia people feel comfortable putting their names to such views.

Sydney bus incid